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  • GM TECH2 Plus 32MB Card for GM TECH2

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    GM TECH2 Plus 32MB Card for GM TECH2

    Item No. PP015


    GM TECH2 plus 32MB Card because GM TECH2 whole set only contain one car model, if customer want do more than one car model,need purchase one additional card. GM TECH2 support four car model, GM, OPEL, SAAB and ISUZU.

    GM TECH2  Plus 32MB Card for GM TECH2

    You are offered to buy both one piece of GM TECH2 and one 32MB Card for GM TECH2. Because some times you not only need do one car model, while you need do more than one car model, then you need buy one additional 32MB card. This mix bundling sale save you 20USD.

    If you want to use GM TECH2 to work with two kinds of vehicles, you need one piece of 32MB Card for GM TECH2, this card is available with the software: GM, OPEL, SAAB, ISUZU, and one card is only for one kind of vehicles.
    Please make note which software you want when you place an order.

    Package including:

    1pc x Complete set of GM TECH2
    1pc x 32MB GM TECH2 Card

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