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  • 300-tokens-for-digimaster-3ckm100ckm200-get-free-digiprog-3-main-unit-and-obd-cable

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    300 Tokens for Digimaster 3/CKM100/CKM200 Get Free Digiprog 3 Main unit and OBD Cable

    Item No. PP040


    Buy 300 Tokens for Digimaster 3 Get Free Digiprog 3, now purchase 300 tokens for digimaster 3/ckm100/ckm200 you can get a free Digiprog3. Big promotion, you can never get such big discounts ever. Only 1000pcs digiprog 3 for free, come get now!

    Big promotion!

    Now buy 300 tokens for digimaster 3/ckm100/ckm200, you can get a free Digiprog3 Main unit with OBD Cable. We only have 1000pcs digiprog3 for free. If you want it, please place order now! Do not miss this big promotion.

    For new car model, when you are using digimaster 3 to do mileage correction, you need buy update tokens. For Luxury cars, you also need use update Tokens.

    Digiprog 3 is a universal mileage correction tool, if buy alone, cost 569.99USD.

    Digimaster III UpdatedCar list:

    Newly OBD Car models added:

    1.Chrysler—Jeep Cherokee(2008-)
    2.Chrysler —Jeep Wrangler(2007-)
    3.Chrysler —Dodge Nitro
    4.Chrysler — Rambler B2007-
    5.Chrysler —Jeep Patriot 2007-
    6.Chrysler — Jeep Compass 2007-
    7.Chrysler — Dodge Caravan (2007-)
    8.Chrysler —Jeep Grand Cherokee
    9.Chrysler —Jeep Commander
    10.Chrysler — 300C
    11.Chrysler —Dodge (Magnum)
    12.Chrysler —Dodge Challenger
    14.Benz —CLS-Class(W218)—2011-
    15.Benz —SLS-Class(R197)
    16.Benz —E Class W212 –2011 —V1
    Other IC Car models added:
    3.Fukuda — Light Truck Era—24C04
    4.Huanghai Automobile —Huanghai Pickup—24C02
    5.Chrysler—PT Cruiser—2007-

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