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    You are here: Home » Products » Auto Key Programmer » 4-IN-1 VAG TOOL KIT

    Item No. SV28

    Weight:0.5KG      ( 1.1LB )

    Package:24cm*18cm*5cm      ( Inch:9.45*7.09*1.97 )

    4-in-1 vag tool kit can fulfill functions of vag dash com+can, vag dash com,vag ecu tool,vag key login. 4-in-1 vag tool kit is a powerful and newest diagnostic tool for vw audi cars!


    NEW: EDC16 / EDC15 / ME7 via the OBD EEprom read and write (EDC15/ME7 completely KM EDC16 currently stand will be constantly expanded.

    1.VAG DASH CAN is a newly designed program of our house.

    VAG vehicles that the new generation.These are now on the diagnostic socket set.
    From the Volkswagen Touran, new combi-tools installed,only via the CAN-diagnosis can be addressed.
    The VAG DASH CAN determines the LOGIN and allows an adjustment or recovery of the KM-stand.

    A special highlight is the Schlusselanlernungsfunktion.

    Pushing a button allows you to teach key and without waiting 5 minutes and without that all semi-key must be available.
    In addition, some extra features, in everyday life workshop a valuable aid.
    This includes, inter alia, the diagnostic capability of each joint in the vehicle CAN controllers.
    Now you can order for these vehicles the error memory read and delete.
    A valuable extension of your spectrum.

    Secure your market advantage, by selecting one of the first to of this exceptional software.

    4-IN-1 VAG TOOL KIT Vehicle Models Supported
    4-IN-1 VAG TOOL KIT Vehicle Models Supported

    VAG DASH COM is the unique advanced diagnostic tool to read out the internal memory of your Instrument cluster
    You can display the login code, recalibrate the odometer and rewrite the EEpromdata in case of changing an instrument.

    VAG DASH COM covers up the models 1998-2004 such as:

    Golf IV
    Polo 6N
    Eurovan T4
    Eurovan T5
    Audi A3 / A2 / A6
    Audi A4 till 2000

    All those models with communication via K-line 

    The tool for the complete access to all EEpromdaten with VAG-engine control units of type EDC15 and ME7.
    Read and write access to the EEprom.
    Reading the secret odometer (if stored in the engine control unit)
    Immo-off function, login display, VIN change – everything about the diagnosis socket – not removing the ECU.
    With the write function is motor control “cloning” – no need to teach.
    Indispensable for workshops, recovery or Chiptuning.

    Functions of the program:     

    Serial EEprom read and save
    EEprom checksum checking and correction
    IMMO on / off
    EEprom from a file and write (clone function)
    Read / write access to the login
    Read / write access to the chassis number
    Read / write access to the Immobilizernummer
    Kilometers Motronic in the read and write (if available)
    In the ME7 .** controllers can also perform the following functions:
    Offset channels
    Mixture enrichment
    Idling torque change
    Lambda value
    Idle speed change
    Correct charge (only for Turbo engines)
    Ignition timing change

    Supports the following types of motor control of BOSCH:     

    EDC15P +   BOSCH ME7.5
    BOSCH ME7.5.1
    BOSCH ME7.1
    BOSCH ME7.1.1



    The tool used to determine the login code in many VAG-no speedometer,Engine ECUs and Immobilizer box. The integrated software make this the perfect tool for the key service Included are the special OBD connection interface, USB cable and the software on CD.

     The following control and tachometer options are supported: 

    VDO speedometer VW / Audi 1998-2005 (with Seat / Skoda partly until 2006)
    Motometertachos VW 1998-2004 (Golf, Passat)
    Magneti Marelli M73 tachometers 1998-2001 (eg, TT, Beetle)
    EDC15 VM 2000-2004 (eg T4, Golf4, Passat 3BG with distributor injection pump)
    EDC15 P + 2000-2004 (all PumpeDuse, Golf4, Passat, A4, A6)
    ME 7.5 (eg, 1.8T, TT, V5)
    ME 7.1.1 (eg, R32, Audi V6)
    Temic IMMO the boxes of the LT’s to the Year 2005
    Most models of the white boxes Audi 12polig 1994-1998
    6 pin boxes VW 1994-1998 (only with key semiskilled readable)


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