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  • 75W HID XENON KIT H1 H3 H4 H7 9005 9006 6000K

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    Item No. LJ

    Weight:0.5KG      ( 1.1LB )

    75W HID XENON KIT H1 H3 H4 H7 9005 9006 6000K
    Service Life:More than 3500 hours

    75W HID XENON KIT H1 H3 H4 H7 9005 9006 6000K


    Bulb type available: H1 H3 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 9005 (HB3) 9006 (HB4) 880, 881

    Color temperature available: 4300K/4500K/5000K 6000K (Plus $ 10 optional: 3000K 8000K 10000K)

    The buyer must provide the following with the payment!

    1) Double check and confirm the your bulb type
    2) Color Temperature / K
    3) the default for 12V input voltage, 24V voltage is required, please notify our company representatives
    4) Daytime Telephone Number (required)
    5) 24V-75W ballast is mainly used for: Large trucks buses engineering vehicles to be fitted spotlights  (not installed does not recommend the purchase, buyers please be careful)

    Brightness: 6500LM
    Service Life:More than 3500 hours
    Normal operating input voltage range: 12v
    Starting input voltage: 13.2V
    Nominal output power: 75W + or-5%
    Low output power setting: ~ 75W
    Maximum run up output power: ~ 75W
    Maximum current after ballast saturation: 9A
    Maximum start up current at 13.5 V: 15A-18A
    Efficiency of Lamp and ballast at nominal supply: 80%
    Ballast unit efficiency: 87%
    Output steady state frequency: 4.5 KHz
    Operating temperature range: -40 to +105 C
    Waterproof: Waterproofed in Aus for our conditions


    100% brand new and never used HID xenon kit.
    Lower power consumption, high efficiency & high reliability
    Plug & play-easy to install & no modification required
    Compact design and easy to install

    What is HID?

    HID (High Intensity Discharge) refers to lighting technology that relies on an electrical charge to ignite xenon gas contained in a sealed bulb.  A normal halogen bulb uses a filament which can burn out in as little as 200 hours.  HID bulbs are gas filled capsules that are rated for a lifespan of nearly 4500 hours.  HID bulbs also shine much brighter due to this technology.
    Unlike halogen bulbs, HID’s emit a type of light that closely resembles natural daylight and is therefore easier on human eyes.  In fact, HID lights are currently used in most sports arenas, stadiums, and train stations worldwide.  Don’t be fooled by lower end Xenon replica bulbs sold at most retail shops.  They are no match for the intensity, purity, and efficiency of high intensity discharge headlights.

    Note:If you buy the products individually customized, delivery will be delayed please understanding we must detect quality no problem re-shipping.

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