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  • Automotive Sensor Simulator & Tester ADD71

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    Item No. AD12

    Weight:0.8KG ( 1.76LB )Package:36cm*29cm*8.2cm ( Inch:14.17*11.42*3.23 )

    Automotive Sensor Simulator & Tester ADD71

    Measure the signals of automotive sensors

    •The most complete hand held diagnostic tester for sensors,wiring,connectors and on-board computers
    •DC voltage,lambda,frequency and pulse signals can be measured
    •Digital display shows actual output of signals
    •Measures any voltage AC or DC,resistance or frequency output

    Allows Simulation of most Sensor and computer managemeng omponents
    •Simulating temperature sensors,throttle potentiometers,switches,airflow meters and lambda/oxygen sensors
    •Features AC voltage output to simulate vehicle speed sensors(vss),CAM,CRANK,and ignition reluctors
    •Simulates actual working condition of any sensor without having to remove itfrom the vehicleA.B.S.,Crank,Can,Coolant,Oxygen,MAP,MAF,MAT,VSS,etc

    Cheeks basic ECU operation
    •Controlling the signals being produced allows you to check ECU response andoperation.This prevents mis-diagnosis where the fault may lie in the ECU itselfor in the wiring between the component and the ECU.Works independently or withany scan tool ever made
    Can be used on any domestic or import vehicle
    Eliminates unnecessary replacement of non-defective sensors
    Can drive computer into”open or closed loop

    Simulate Signal Range Function
    DC Voltage 0-1V Simulating lambda/oxygen sensors
    0-5V Simulating DC signal of sensors
    Resistance 0-5K Simulating temperature or resistance sensors
    Frequency SignalV/Duty/Hz 0-5v 10-90% 10-4KHz Simulating frequency signal sensors
    0-12V 10-90% 10-4KHz

    Test Function Range Basic Accuracy
    DC Voltage 400mV,4v ,40v,400v,1000v ±(0.5%+3d)
    AC Voltage 400mV,4v ,40v,400v,750v ±(0.8%+3d)
    DC Current 40mA,400mA,10A ±(1.2%+3d)
    AC Current 40mA,400mA,10A ±(1.5%+3d)
    Resistance(Ω) 400,4K,40K,400K,4M,40M ±(1.0%+3d)
    Capacitance 40nF,400nF,4μF,40μF,100μF ±(5.0%+3d)
    Frequency 10Hz-10MHz ±(0.5%+3d)
    Duty cycle 0.1%-99.9% ±(2.0%+3d)
    Diode test and Audible Continuity test Test current:1±0.6mA
    >60Ω Buzzer sounds
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