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  • BMW Scanner 1.4.0

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    BMW Scanner 1.4.0
    Item No. SP56-B
    14cm*5cm*2.5cm      ( Inch:5.51*1.97*0.98 )

    BMW Scanner 1.4.0 can do determination of chassis, model, engine, gearbox and complete set.

    BMW Scanner 1.4.0 v


    Determination of chassis, model, engine, gearbox and complete set

    1. Searching of all units and reading:
    1) Identification data
    2) VIN and ADFG
    3) programming info (UIF)
    4) errors (DTC)

    2. Reading and saving in files:
    1) program memory
    2) EEPROM
    3) coding data
    4) amount of DTCs and DTCs shadow-memory
    5) live data
    6) programming info (User Info Fields)

    3. Copying ZCS (IKE – EWS) and FA (IKE – LCM) coding and other functions in various units

    4. “Unlocked” functions to show possibilities of full version

    1) DTCs description in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS4
    2) Clearing DTCs in same units
    3) EWS-DME synchronization code in DME MS43.0
    4) Live data in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS2 and MRS4
    5) Status of all keys in EWS3
    6) EWS3 coding data interpretation
    7)Equipment correction in SRS MRS4

    Package including:

    1pc x BMW SCANNER 1.4.0 main unit
    1pc x USB Cable
    1pc x CD Driver

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