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  • computer scanners: what is OBD II?

    You are here: Home » FQA » computer scanners: what is OBD II?

    im looking to get one of those actron computer scanners and all the ones ive seen are OBD 2, what is this?

    i just want to make sure this unit will work with my cars-

    00 toyota sienna
    04 saturn ion
    05 scion tc


    Unplugging the battery will clear it, but it’ll come back on if you haven’t fixed the problem. Most of the chain auto parts stores, like advance or autozone will read and clear those codes for you for free. Sometimes that code that you are mentioning comes up when the catalytic converter is going bad. If that turns out to be it, make sure you have it replaced with a factory replacement, as the universal ones will cause it to start to return the code for the lower (2nd bank), o2 sensor. If you’ve already changed it with a universal, there are o2 sims available for some cars that will clear the code, and turn off the light. Check with the locals if you can do this without getting in trouble. The o2 sim is not legal on the street.

    This is simply the second generation of On Board Diagnostics – which essentially was an effort to standardize the interface between different makes of vehicles.
    MAC Tools (and perhaps other tool venders) sells a small tester for about $50 that does a reasonably good job in retrieving fault codes from OBDII vehicles.

    All automobiles after 1995 use ‘On Board diagnostic two’.
    Before 1995 it was the first generation OBD 1.
    Imports, Chrysler& ford used various types.

    on board diagnostic 2 snap on that can hook up to many cars

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