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  • How do you retrieve computer codes from an OBD-I 1990 Cherokee?

    You are here: Home » FQA » How do you retrieve computer codes from an OBD-I 1990 Cherokee?

    I don’t have OBD-II so I can’t use a scanner, nor do I have a check engine light and would like to know how to get error codes to tighten things up after the major repairs i made. Thanks.

    Actually you can use a scanner with obd1 you just need the proper attachment (some of the better scanners have multiple attachments). I believe most were vehicle specific so it’s going to be a pain to find someone with the proper attachment. I’m not sure if pepboys or autozone will have a scanner with the obd1 cable but that’s the first place you can try. Otherwise you may have to find a mechanic that does work on older cars of your make (or the dealership).

    autozone does free scans but wont concern themselves with obd 1 ,
    only obd 2. locate the diagnostic plug, it will require a jumper wire like Gm and Ford you will need a haynes maunal to tell you what terminals to jump.

    Turn the key on then off then on 3 times,leaving it on the third time.
    The codes will flash through the check engine light.

    I had asked the same question 4 times, and haven’t gotten a good answer

    i take mine to auto zone they check the codes for free and tell you what the codes are for…

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