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  • How do you tune your car to take advantage of premium gasoline?

    You are here: Home » FQA » How do you tune your car to take advantage of premium gasoline?

    I have a bone stock car and I would like to make it take advantage of 93 Ron as its rated for regular.. Can I tune from my obd port and my laptop or do I need a chip of some sort? Thanks in advance

    You don’t tune your car to take advantage of “premium” gasoline, you use “premium” gasoline to take advantage of a tune. I feel that if you are asking this question, you’re probably not knowledgable enough to begin tuning your car. But you’re on the right track. Some car computers can be remapped with a lap top or “chipped,” but in many cases you would be better off purchasing a stand-alone engine management system which is a replacement ECU that is capable of being fully re-mapped from a lap top.
    You should check out these books:

    Depends on the vehicle. Many high-performance engines have the ability to advance the spark plug firing when premium fuel is used.

    But if your vehicle’s computer is not programmed for this, you will either need to get a performance computer or get a piggy-back system that you can manually program to override the manufacturer’s coding.

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