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  • I have a 1995 525i BMW, what OBD does it use?

    You are here: Home » FQA » I have a 1995 525i BMW, what OBD does it use?

    The check engine light came on and I have a friend that has a OBDII reader, I was wondering if that would work?

    Bmw 525i 1995

    1995 525i

    nope, all cars were required to use obd2 starting in 1996. for that bmw you would nee to have a bmw scanner to check for the codes. or you can probably find one at bavauto. com for about $100.00 just to read the codes

    my bmw 525i1996 just stop pumping fire/accelerator but engine start well whats could be the course, how to fix it, these problem just happen first time today

    Yes with the right tool and the right year BMW and the right cable/plug adapter.

    no i won’t work, BMW isn’t compatiable with OBDII, it uses a montronic system

    You do need the key on.

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