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  • is an 1989 honda civic an obd car or not?

    You are here: Home » FQA » is an 1989 honda civic an obd car or not?

    my wife has a 1993 honda civicsi that the distributor went out in and i have an old 1989 civic dx in my garage and i was wondering if i could just use the distrib off mine till i can get another for hers?

    93 civic -> D16Z6 1.6l
    89 civic-> D15B2 1.5l

    Here is the easiest way to tell if they are the same. Goto www.autozone.com and look up a distributor for each car and see if they come up the same part number. If so then no problem. If not there is something different. As the other person said, first generation obd (on board diagnostics) was on cars prior to 1996. After that cars became obd2 and something got easier and some got more complicated. As far as honda goes both cars shouls be obd1 compliant.

    You can NOT use the D15B2 distributor on a D16Z6 engine, the D16Z6 is a VTEC motor with a different head casting/setup than the D15B2, and along with the D15 being OBD0 and a NON-VTEC engine, and the D16 being OBD1 and VTEC, the distributor housings and mounting points are different.

    a1989 is an obd car all cars that have a computer are on board diagnosis cars 1996 and up cars are called obd2 cars if the plug on the distributor matches up and it bolts on I don’t see it being a prob.

    I’ve been a tech for 15 years and I am a diagnostic specialist.

    I honestly don’t think you can do it. 89 civic is a Pre OBD. OBD0. So the plugs won’t match up.

    Yes you can use that distributer….

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