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  • LED Panel 300x300mm 3000K 180LED

    You are here: Home » Products » Auto Key Programmer » LED Panel 300x300mm 3000K 180LED

    Item No. LE72

    Weight:1.1KG      ( 2.43LB )

    Package:32cm*3cm*32cm      ( Inch:12.6*1.18*12.6 )

    LED Panel 300x300mm 3000K 180LED
    LED panel lights are widely used now instead of the trend of the grille; LED panel lights are mainly used in:
    1. Ceiling (instead of the original grille);
    2. A wall (not just as a lighting purposes, artistic embodied);
    3. Install the body (the pursuit of practical and artistic combination of easy and convenient installation);
    Other  LED panel light installation in the form(can also be used in other places, such as cars, counters, etc.)
    1 mounted on ceilings, walls and installation of the surface;
    2 can be suspended below the ceiling or install body. When mounted on a white ceiling.
    Throughout the ceilings the same color, very beautiful, clean, and coordination;
    Source Type: SMD
    Luminescence method: side-firing
    Dimensions Specifications: 300 * 300mm
    Power: 24W
    Input voltage: AC85-240V/50-60Hz
    Luminous flux: 80-100lm / w
    Surface illumination:> 6000lux
    Color Temperature: 3000K
    Material: Aluminum alloy (optical grade) acrylic
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