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  • Manual EPROM Eraser Can erase 15 chips

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    Manual EPROM Eraser Can erase 15 chips
    Item No. SO218

    24cm*13cm*10cm      ( Inch:9.45*5.12*3.94 )

    This EPROM Eraser is to erase the EPROM chips by Ultraviolet Radiation. It has nice appearance, fine structure and good stability.

    Manual EPROM Eraser Can erase 15 chips

    Please check whether the input voltage is correct before operation!

    Press down the Power Switch to “ON” (for 6pcs type only).
    When the timer is set to “ON”, the eraser is in the status of continuous working.
    Turn the timer clockwise to set the working period. One cycle is 60 minutes.

    Warranty and Caution:
    The warranty period is one year. To prevent damage, please do not open and assemble it by yourself and transfer it to qualified electricians or the distributor if any problem occurs.

    Power requirement         : AC 220V±20%
    Working Frequency        : 43Hz-57Hz
    Working Temperature     : -10°C – 40°C
    Working Humidity            : 20%~90% relative

    15pcs type  : 215x75x70mm

    What’s the difference between S0218 and SO99 ?

    SO218 can erase 15 chips one time ,while SO99 can only erase 6 chips one time .

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