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  • MB/VW(2 in 1)Auto 16/14 Pin Number Selector

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    Item No. SO111

    Weight:0.3KG      ( 0.66LB )

    MB/VW(2 in 1)Auto 16/14 Pin Number Selector

    Mercedes Benz & VW-LT (2 in 1) Auto 16/14 Pin Number Selector

    Adaptable to any scantool with its female OBDII connector, this device is specially designed for M. Benz OBDII / Sprinter and Volkswagen LT vehicles. It acts like a break-out box for diagnostic tools to select the K-signal lines of the various systems in the vehicle control systems like ME, SRS, ABS, etc.

    Instead of inserting the pins individually, the pin out can be selected by pressing the UP or DOWN button to the required pin. At the same time, the selected pin out is digitally displayed.

    It has the following features:

    – Once plugged into the vehicle diagnostic link connector (DLC), it automatically detects whether it is 16 pins OBDII or 14 pins Sprinter / LT connector and switch to the required application.

    – Various pin out to the vehicle systems are shown on the cover for easy selection and convenience without referring to the service manuals.

    – Large LED digital numbers display for viewing which provide less room for error during pin selecting.

    – As an OBDII connector (16pin breakout) the pin selections are: 2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 & 15

    – K-line (yellow) and Gnd (- black) output jacks for signal measuring.

    – Comes with female OBDII connector for adaptation to any scantool.

    – Compact, light weight and easy to operate.

    Package contains:

    – Auto 16/14 Pin Number Selector unit
    – OBDII (16P) connector cable
    – M. Benz Sprinter / VW-LT (14P) cable

    This product has no CE certification. Please check with your local country’s import regulation.

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