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  • OBD II vehicle code?

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    explain how and when a code should be cleared on an OBDII vehicle

    Codes should be cleared ONLY after repair was done.In case customer want to have second opinion codes should not be cleared without repair of the problem.OBD2 codes and Freeze Frame cleared with Scanner.

    removing the battery cable works on some cars. there is an inexpensive(about $75)code scanner made be actron or autoxray that will clear the codes.
    and you should clear them when you have fixed the problem that caused the code in the first place.

    I would have the code reset and see if it returns. some codes are set intermittently sometimes due to moisture or heat. as the car gets older. if after you have reset the code and it returns. Take it to a qaulified repair shop and have the car repaired.

    507 code on ford explorer 2003 v-6

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    Disconnect the battery cable if you fix the problem. Then drive the car to reset the computer to normal

    you need a scan tool to read and erase codes but the service engine or check engine light need to be on, take it to autozone they will do it free

    Yes it will work.

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