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  • OBD reader I or II ?

    You are here: Home » FQA » OBD reader I or II ?

    Which one do you recommend ? I have a Toyota Camry 97. Is the version two better than I. I am confused.


    Hi, Obd 1 and obd 2 . On Board Diagnostic.

    You will have the choice of either obd 1 or 2. Obd 2 requires a scan tool which connect to a 16 pin connector usually no more than 2 to 4 foot if I am not mistaken. To do OBD 1. use the link i sent to you below. Good Luck.

    According to the OBD-II standard, requests to a vehicle’s ECU via the OBD-II port are made up of two bytes (excluding header and CRC bytes). The first byte determines the desired mode of operation, and the second byte is the requested parameter identification (PID) number. The ECU will respond with a two byte acknowledgement and possibly some number of data bytes.

    [edit] Modes
    There are nine modes of operation described in the OBD-II standard (SAE J1979). They are:

    Show current data
    Show freeze frame data
    Show stored trouble codes
    Clear trouble codes and stored values
    Test results, oxygen sensors
    Test results, non-continuously monitored
    Show pending trouble codes
    Special control mode
    Request vehicle information
    Vehicle manufactures are not required to support all modes, and they are allowed to include custom modes above #9.

    The 97 toyota camry is OBD II compliant. That means that a scan tool for OBD I will not work. The scan tool must be capable of OBD II operation. Do yourself a favor and take the car to a reputable shop.

    OBD 1 will not work on your car because it is a 97. After 95 all cars converted to OBD 2. 1 is not better than 2. 2 is deffinately what you want to go with…. good luck!

    you need obd 2 for cars after 1996

    what you need is an OBD II device,cause all the vehicles which were made after 1996 were forced to equip the OBD II compliant. Welcome to our website www.diyobd2.fr and get the best product and service.and i believe you will be satisfied.

    for You, and everybody else,after 1996 all cars all models OBD ll

    you need the obdII. whats different is the codes used. the wrong reader will either not work,or it wont give you the right info.it may possibly damage your onboard computer as well It seems that most people think post ’96’ vehicles ONLY use O.B.D.II, But most high-end O.B.D.I SCANNERS will up-grade to O.B.D.II. Although, O.B.D.II. is better for post 96′ model vehicles, More expensive, yes, BUT better. Snap-on M.T.2500 is one example of O.B.D.I that will upgrade for O.B.D.II. hope this clears this up for you.

    Your car uses the OBDII system, the OBD1 is for pre 96 vehicles. get the OBDII.

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