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    I am looking for a Code scanner for my car. I have an 87 Buick LeSabre. I have been looking on the internet, and that just got me confused with the OBD I, and II scanners. Which do I need?

    I would like to just have the cable and software so that I can hook up my computer to my car, where can I find this?

    You need OBD 1 – cars made on and before 95 are OBD 1

    in case you have the two.0 you may get a 2.4 for the lancer from the comparable 365 days. because of the fact the engine is extremely new it would be a complete waste. you may get potential in different strategies. upload an entire exhaust/flashtune it and port and varnish the engine case in point. All this get get you upto 20-30% greater potential based how the engine and what style of areas used. Alot much less situation then a engine conversion. A V6 from ninety 4 would have losse its new potential score besides except it grew to become into totally rebuilt with new areas.

    snap-on makes a great OBD 1 scanner

    ODB 1 is what you would use for your car. Your car does not have the needed plug to hook a computer to it. If you want to be able to do that, you need a 1996 or newer vehicle.

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