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  • AUTO MP3 Player and Car Inverter

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    Automotive Parts and Accessories

    o-bd.org supply Automotive Parts and Accessories including Auto MP3 player and adapter,Automotive DVD, Car power inverter and more and more new automotive parts.
    Automotive MP3 player and adapter is a replacement of traditional CD,Simply plug in USB disk/SD card, you can play audio through car audio system and enjoy music in your car.
    Here we have lots of car type mp3 player, such as BENZ, BMW, Ford, VW, Buick and so on. Make your car become more modern, try this!
    Automotive DVD we including lots of car model,such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, BMW, Benz and so on.Make your car Fashion and Active.
    Car power inverter we have 75W,150W,200W,1000W, can fullfill all your needs!

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