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  • RW4 Transponder Key Duplicator

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    RW4 Transponder Key Duplicator
    Item No. SP28

    16cm*24.6cm*63.5cm      ( Inch:6.3*9.69*25 )

    RW4 Transponder Key Duplicator is not only a device to read and write, it also detects, reads, generates, archives and clones many transponder keys and electronic clonal keys.

    RW4 Transponder Key Duplicator

    More than a read write device, the RW4 detects, reads, generates, archives and clones many transponder keys and electronic clonal keys.
    The RW4 Transponder Key Duplicator is capable of cloning Texas Instruments® (TI) encrypted transponders when used with Ilco® and/or Silca® electronic TI encrypted transponder chips and the TI fixed code transponder chips thus eliminating the need to have both ?aster(original) keys, and will also eliminate the need for on-board programming.

    RW4 Features:

    • Duplicates TI fixed code and encrypted TI transponders
    • Duplicates fixed code transponders (T2, T5)
    • Identifies transponder keys
    • Indicates chip type, value and manufacter
    • Log and archive capability
    • Built-in, sealed soft touch keyboard
    • Easy to read LCD display
    • Multiple language support
    • Portable, compact, lightweight design
    • 12V DC power adapter included
    • USB and serial port

    Dimensions: 16cm x 24.6cm x 63.5cm  1.5 lbs. (.68Kg)

    Older Equipment Upgrades:

    RW3 + Factory Unit Upgrade = RW4
    RW3 + PC* + Crypto-Cracker Software = RW4 functionality

    The following is a list of the vehicles and model years where Electronic Keys may be used in place of transponder keys:

    RW4 Keys

    Mfg Model Model Year(s) Key # *
    Chrysler 300M 1998+ Y160EK
    Chrysler Cirrus 1999+ Y160EK
    Chrysler Cirrus Convertible 2001+ Y160EK
    Chrysler Cirrus Sedan 2001+ Y160EK
    Chrysler Concorde 1998+ Y160EK
    Chrysler LHS 1998+ Y160EK
    Chrysler Neon 1999+ Y160EK
    Chrysler New Yorker 2001+ Y160EK
    Chrysler PT Cruiser 2000+ Y160EK
    Chrysler PT Cruiser LE 2000+ Y160EK
    Chrysler Sebring Convertible 1998+ Y160EK
    Chrysler Sebring Sedan 2001-2002 Y160EK
    Chrysler Stratus 1999+ Y160EK
    Chrysler Town & Country 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Caravan 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Caravan Grand 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Caravan LE 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Caravan SE 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Dakota 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Durango 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Intrepid 1998+ Y160EK
    Dodge Intrepid ES 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Intrepid Sedan 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Neon 2001+ Y160EK
    Dodge Stratus Sedan 1999-2002 Y160EK
    Eagle Vision 1998+ Y160EK
    Ford Escape 2001-2002 H86EK
    Ford Explorer 2002+ H84EK
    Ford F-250 (optional) 2002+ H86EK
    Ford Focus 2000-2002 H86EK
    Ford Taurus 2000+ H84EK
    Ford Tribute 2001-2003 H86EK
    Ford Windstar 2001+ H84EK
    Jeep Cherokee 1998-2005 Y160EK
    Jeep Cherokee Ltd. 1999+ Y160EK
    Jeep CJ5 1999+ Y160EK
    Jeep CJ7 1999+ Y160EK
    RW4 Keys
    Mfg Model Model Year(s) Key # *
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Lux 1999+ Y160EK
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport 1999+ Y160EK
    Jeep Liberty 2001+ Y160EK
    Jeep Wrangler 1998+ Y160EK
    Lincoln LS6 1999+ H74EK
    Lincoln LS8 1999+ H74EK
    Lincoln Town Car 1998-2001 H82EK
    Mazda Tribute 2001+ H86EK
    Mercury Mountaineer 2002+ H84EK
    Mercury Sable 2000+ H84EK
    Mercury Sable GS 2000-2002 H84EK
    Mercury Sable LS 2000-2002 H84EK
    Mitsubishi Diamante 2000-2001 MIT8EK
    Mitsubishi Eclipse 2000-2001 MIT9EK
    Mitsubishi Galant 2000-2001 MIT9EK
    Mitsubishi L200 1999+ MIT8EK
    Mitsubishi Montero 2000-2002 MIT8EK
    Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2000-2002 MIT8EK
    Nissan 350-Z 2003+ N102EK
    Nissan Altima 2000+ N101EK
    Nissan Maxima 2000-2002 N102EK
    Nissan Murano 2003+ N102EK
    Nissan Pathfinder 1999-2002 N102EK
    Nissan Sentra 2001-2002 N102EK
    Nissan Xterra 2003+ N102EK
    Plymouth Breeze 1999+ Y160EK
    Plymouth Neon 2000+ Y160EK
    Plymouth Prowler 2000+ Y160EK

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