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  • SAAB Old(ES-YM30) Unlock Tool

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    Item No. SL03

    Weight:0.2KG      ( 0.44LB )

    Package:20cm*7cm*4cm      ( Inch:7.87*2.76*1.57 )

    SAAB Old(ES-YM30) Unlock Tool

    Parts Pic:


    SAAB Old(ES-YM30) Unlock Tool Expander
    SAAB Old(ES-YM30) Unlock Tool Picker

    Using Instruction:

    1.Put expander(No.35) into the door key hole until the bottom part;
    2.Put picker(No.36) into expander(No.35)to test the expander direction. Press picker(No.36)to test the forefront and aftermost 2-3 holes and see whether there is any elasticity in billiards. If not, it means the direction is wrong and please change the direction;
    3.Turn the expander(No.35) anticlockwise slightly;
    4.Put the front part of picker(No.36) into expander(No.35) at 1-8 holes and press;
    5.The transponder will turn 90 degree and that means it is unlocked.

    SAAB Old(ES-YM30) Unlock Tool


    In case it is difficult to unlock at clockwise direction and easy to unlock anticlockwise, users should follow the easy direction and then unlock by reversal.

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