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  • SPI 28 SPI 028 ECU Chip Tuning Programmer

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    SPI 28 SPI 028 ECU Chip Tuning Programmer
    Item No. SE18

    19cm*19cm*7cm      ( Inch:7.48*7.48*2.76 )

    The memory for SPI 28 software and data is implemented as a programmable component into ECUs for a long time now. Ever since these components are erasable even as an assembled part of the ECU more and more vehicle manufacturers chose to provide the possibility to re-load/replace the software and data contents of the respective control unit in addition to the analysis and error detection mechanisms.

    SPI 28 SPI 028 ECU Chip Tuning Programmer


    By doing so vehicle manufacturers achieve the ability to work knowledge found after the production has started into already delivered cars resp. their ECUs.
    With the help of this interface the tuning technician is able to load a modified file into the ECU without the previously unavoidable hassle of mechanical jobs on that very unit.
    no need to dismantle the ECU
    shorter waiting periods for the customer
    the possibility to reverse the software upgrade without any trace e.g. when selling the car

    As practical as this is, it’s also a tricky business:

    not every ECU allows reading out its data via this service interface
    one easily can overwrite a tuning file while carrying out an inspection
    no simulation possible; therefore only restricted suitability for research purposes
    an actual vehicle is essential – stand-alone ECU is problematic
    The SPI is a co-development by us and the English company Superchips, who offer their own tuning files with a similar system. But if you need to load your own files serially we can offer you the independent EVC SPI system for reading from and writing to ECUs.
    In order to program an ECU one needs a customer key besides the software, an adapter box and the connection cable. When programming the ECU for the first time the customer key is being permanently linked to the respective car’s VIN (vehicle identification number). Thus this programming process can be done as often as you want but the next car will need a blank customer key.
    Due to this licensing method the further development of other car types is ensured while the basically equipped versions can be kept rather affordable.
    Depending on the ECU the read out files resp. the tuning files to program have another length than the eprom. Furthermore identification must be put into the tuning file. Both can have the result that the checksum can be corrected only with WinOLS.

    Recommendations for the use of SPI:

    Operating system: Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP
    Ports: parallel, serial( adaptor SPI105 doesn’t work on all cars )
    Coding (SPI200 / SPI230):
    With the help of the supplied coding program you are able to encrypt your tuning files and deliver it together with coded customer keys to your retailer. So your know how is protected and you have control over the number of tuned cars.

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