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  • Universal programmer VP490

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    Universal programmer VP490
    Item No. SE65


    Universal programmer VP490
    Universal programmer VP490

    The VP-490 Programmer is an advanced, high precision and multipurpose

    unit. It shall satisfy a wide range of needs of our fast growing


    The VP-490 surpasses other programmers on our market In terms of

    functionality and class as well as it offers an astonishing

    price/capability ratio.

    The Programmer can be successfully used for:
    RTV service and maintenance shops,
    computer service shops for BIOS updating,
    computer mainboard repairs (damages caused by faulty BIOS update

    operation), and in other circumstances where programming of memory or

    microprocessor is required.


    air-bag repairs
    washing machines and freezers repairs
    mobile phones repairs
    radio and TV-sets repairs
    damaged motherboard’s BIOS repairs
    printers repairs


    48 pin ZIF socket with universal pin drives,
    Dimensions:166×108×26 mm,
    Weight: 300 g,
    Over 19000 devices supported,
    Interface with Laptop/PC computer through USB port,
    Accepts standard file formats: JEDEC, INTEL (Extended) HEX, Motorola S

    record, BIN,
    Manages 16 and 32 bit word split (Set Programming),
    Supports most compilers in JEDEC format, including ABEL, CUPL, PALASM,

    TANGO PLD, OrCAD PLD, PLD Designer and ISDATA,
    Easy and quick software updates ,
    Possible substitution for squire-wave oscillator 1kHz to 125kHz,
    Built-in frequency meter up to 100kHz
    8-channel logic analyzer
    Optimum programming for each individual device,
    Automatically identifies the manufacturer and type of E(E)PROMs, Auto

    identifies TTL/CMOS logic IC
    Device insertion and poor pin-contact check,
    Supports 1.5V Low voltage devices,
    No need for external adapters for most devices,
    Auto-run mode starts programming automatically upon detection of chip

    Supports IC Card programming
    Fastest programming on the market. Programming of 89C58 in less than 4

    Supports MS Windows XP/2000/NT/9x/ME.


    EPROM: N/CMOS E(E)PROM, SeriesE(E)PROM, and FLASH Memory
    PLD: CPLD, EPLD, GAL,PEEL,PALCE (and more)
    Microcontrollers: Atmel, Intel, Microchip, Signetics, Zilog, etc.

    Packing list:

    1pc—V-490 Programmer
    1pcs—-Software CD.

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