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  • V-CHECKER A301 Multi-Function Trip Computer

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    Item No. SC87

    Weight:0.4KG      ( 0.88LB )Package:17cm*13cm*9cm      ( Inch:6.69*5.12*3.54 )

    V-CHECKER VCHECKER A301 Multi-Function Trip Computer

    Newly updated version: V4.36

    VCHECKER A301 Introduction:

    The device’s interface can be customized according to user’s preferences so that the user can freely review the vehicle information.
    The device can be installed without changing the original vehicle cables. Just plug and the device works immediately, easy to use.
    The device supports all OBD compliant vehicles.

    VCHECKER A301 Feature:

    1. Quickly retrieves vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes and other vehicle security information.
    2. Clears trouble code information and saves maintenance costs.
    3. Real time vehicle trouble alerts include vehicle malfunction, high water temperature, over-low battery voltage, fatigue driving, over-speed, maintenance reminding, shift reminding.
    4. Displays vehicle parameters, including engine speed, air pressure, real time oil consumption, acceleration performance, coolant temperature, oxygen sensor voltage.
    5. Provides a variety of graphic and digitized images or texts under various driving modes including idle mode, tour mode and race mode


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