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  • V2013.05 Benz Star C3 Super Mb Star Updated by Internet

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    V2013.05 Benz Star C3 Super Mb Star Updated by Internet
    Item No. SP45-B
    33cm*23cm*18cm      ( Inch:12.99*9.06*7.09 )

    V2013.05 Benz Star C3 Super Mb Star Updated by Internet
    Now Buy Super MB STAR or Hard disk of Super MB STAR, we provide you one time free Super MB STAR Xentry Special Function Key Calculate Service.
    Software Version: 2013.05
    Update on Super MB Star official website one year for free

    V2013.05 Benz Star C3 Super Mb Star Updated by Internet

    Highlights & Notice:

    1. Software Version: 2013.05
    2. Update on Super MB Star Official Website one year for free
    After one year charges 300USD/year for updating or 50usd/time. After you get charged, please update within 24 hours, or it may be invalid .
    3.  If you buy the software for all computers, please use it on the computer with COM Port, it is more stable than the connection by PCMCIA Card.
    4.  Now Buy Super MB STAR or Hard disk of Super MB STAR, we provide you one time free Super MB STAR Xentry Special Function Key Calculate Service.Now we provide Xentry Special Function Key calculate service for Super MB STAR Top Version customers only. One Serial number only able to enjoy this service once, please provide the following information for our faster service:




    Super MB STAR is one of the best after-market tools for Bens diagnostic, coding/programming in the world, it is also an up-to-date tool for online upgrade directly, work with any laptops, compatible with Windows7/XP/VISTA/2000/Mac/Linux operation system, software including Xentry for new released C204/ C205/ CLA117/ GLC156/ E207/ E212, ect., which are able to work with Benz cars, trucks, Sprinters, Vans, Smart, Cobus, FUSO, BHARATBENZ, FOTON, etc.

    The new Super MB STAR Net 05-2013 released Internal HDD software fit for:Lenovo Series (X61T, X60, T60, T61, T400, E420, E430, etc.) HP Series, Dell Series (D630, D620, E6420, E6430, etc.) Toshiba Series, Fujin Series.

    New features of Super MB Star 05/2013:

    Password Letter verification of your Super MB STAR Online
    Latest version 05/2013
    No need to active EPC/WIS any more, double click the icon then use it
    New cars of C-Class 205, CLA117, GLC156, B 246, CLS 218, SLK172, BHARATBENZ, CLC 171, etc., are released in this version
    Online SCN Coding/offline SCN Coding/offline coding are all available with this new version
    New function WIS and EPC DATACARD is added
    The car PL67 (01-2013 Version) is added to Benz price list
    Online updater client platform STAR Updater V3.0.0.1 for users’ easier upgrade.
    Support the hardware quick self-test and the software to be quickly recovery
    FDOK Key Calculator (Optional)
    Adjust truck Speed Limitation function (Top version only)
    SBC Reset function (Top version only)
    SBC Special function Password Removed (Top version only)
    A/C, SRS Special function Password Removed (Top version only)
    TV Activation function (Top version only)
    Clean ASSYST plus Memory (Top version only)
    W221 W216 Instrument Cluster AMG Style (Top version only)
    Enable tank info & L/100KM into KM/L W211 (W203) (w221) and more (Top version only)
    Airbag ECU unlock function (Top version only)
    DPF Regeneration (Top version only)
    No need password when you choose special function in DAS of W204 (Top version only)
    Diagnostic W204 /W207/ W212 by DAS Directly (Top version only)
    Start HHT Win from desktop icon directly, no need start from DAS.
    Offline Coding key provide service. (Top version only)

    Product Software Includes:

    DAS: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System
    WIS.net: Workshop Information System
    EPC.net: Electronic Parts Catalog
    ST Finder: Part location finder
    STARUTILITIES: the movement management system and self-test
    PL 67: Price List tool to find out how much price by input the parts number
    Xentry: New software released by Benz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars.
    New Smart TAN Code: Opened special function in DAS program with Smart cars 450/451/452/454, even with the new type smart
    Developer model: Engineer mode, remove limitations and open more Special functions.
    Benz Disassembly system: Video lessons to teach you how to remove each part from Benz cars with details order steps.
    Software language: Multi-languages 23 Languages, you can choose the one you need when you using it.
    Normal version: One of 23 languages
    Top version: (23 Languages all)
    STAR UPDATER V3.0.0.1: Online upgrade tool for Super MB STAR users.

    Product Hardware Includes:

    Multiplexer: Super MB STAR Diagnostic interface
    OBDII 16Pin: For cars with OBDII port
    Sprinter 14Pin: For sprinter cars or some vans
    38Pin Cable: For old Benz cars with 38 Pin port
    4Pin Cable: For old Benz cars fit for 4 Pin port
    RS232 To RS485 Serial Cable: Connect Multiplexer to PC/Laptop
    Mobile HDD with USB Cable: with all the software per-installed work with any laptops by USB
    USB KEY: Security USB Encryption
    Verification Letter with Password inside: Used for verify the Super MB STAR and upgrade password.
    PCMCIA or Express Card: Used for laptop without serial port

    Hardware and Software Requirements:

    Hardware requires at least Intel Celeron/Pentium 2.0GHz, 2G RAM, USB 2.0 recommended and Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 latest service pack installed.

    Service Function List:

    1.    EIS EZS
    2.    Air Conditioning
    3.    IC belt warning
    4.    IC reverse gear warning
    5.    IC special settings
    6.    IC search mode unlock
    7.    ABR erase VIN
    8.    ABR VIN manual editing
    9.    ABR Eeprom memory
    10.    SRS deactivate
    11.    SRS Systeminfo
    12.    SRS Training
    13.    SAM R Alarm
    14.    SAM F Truck illumination
    15.    Centr.Lock/H beams/FoglightsR
    16.    DPF&ECU Flashing
    17.    CDI2 EGR adjustment
    18.    CDI4 EGR adjustment
    19.    ISM Shiftmodule
    20.    Aut.Transm.Correction Programming
    21.    OFFLINE Programming
    22.    FDOK Blocked vehicles
    23.    FDOK Unlock Doumentation
    24.    TELLE All roaming
    25.    MoTelDiS
    26.    RWTS211


    Q: How many years of free updating can we enjoy?
    A: Super MB STAR provides one year free update online service. Super MB STAR Lite provides 3 months free update online service.

    Q: What else shall I do before using this item?
    A: You need setting some configurations before using this tool, we have both video and user manual to teach you how to do that, just follow the steps.

    Q: Super MB STAR is able to work with Trucks and change the speed limitation?
    A: Yes, Super MB STAR is able to work with different kinds of Benz trucks, and it is able to change the speed limitation, please do that under the legal permission.

    Q: What should I do if I do not know how to setting or face some difficulty when install the software?
    A: We provide online service 24 HRs, our after-sales service men can help you solve the problem through teamviewer, just contact the sales.

    Q: Is this tool able to work with Reset the SBC Function?
    A: The Super MB STAR Top Version provides you SBC Reset, TV active and some other functions. You are able to access SBC Special function without password.

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