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  • VAT-200 Super Automotive Vehicle Noise Master

    You are here: Home » Products » Auto Key Programmer » VAT-200 Super Automotive Vehicle Noise Master

    Item No. SO53

    Weight:3.5KG      ( 7.72LB )

    VAT-200 automotive vehicle noise Detector is specially designed to detect the unwanted noises of the vehicle such as mechanical or structural generated noises.

    VAT-200 Super Automotive Vehicle Noise Master

    Language: English / Chinese

    1. Power & Noise Indicator:
    The indicator LEDs light up when the power is on. The Noise Indicator LEDs are in green, yellow or red according to the detected noise volume.
    2. Earphone & Channel Socket
    Exclusive earphone with adjustable volume to detect the source of noise. Detects different locations with 4 selectable channels.
    3. Noise Indicator Sensitivity Switch
    Adjustable sensitivity switch to increase or decrease the display range of the LED indicators.
    4. Power & Sound Sensitivity Switch
    Power on/off and adjustable sound sensitivity. When raising the sound sensitivity, it will increase the detecting range of sensor as well.
    5. Channel Selection
    Easy to operate, just choose the channel and monitor the noise with the earphone.

    Package List:

    1x Main Uit
    1x Headphones
    1x Cigar Lighter Power Adaptor
    1x Battery Power Adaptor
    1x Extension cables for sensors
    1x Hand held sensor
    1x Magnetic sensor
    1x Suction cup sensor
    1x Clip on sensor
    1x Carry case
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