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  • Vehicle Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner JBT-CS538C

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    Vehicle Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner JBT-CS538C
    Item No. SP139


    Vehicle Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner JBT-CS538C

    Vehicle Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool Scanner JBT-CS538C

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    JBT-CS538C auto scanner could diagnose Asian, European and American cars without any limited. It also contains the strong diagnostic software of Asian cars, BMW, Mercedes.  JBT-CS auto scanner is appointed to be the O.E auto scanner for VW, Audi, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ssangyong, Toyota.

    Basic Function:

    Ø        Read DTC (Diagnostic Trouble code)

    Ø        Clear DTC

    Ø        Data-stream reading and storage

    Ø        Actuation Test

    JBT-CS series developed in the most new edition  jinbenteng scanner development system BT-DDS platform New generation of BT-DDS developing platform integrates many new technology which causes the CS have many convenient formidable functions, had achieved anticipated design purpose of operation simple, function formidable.

    Four Original Inventions:

    Ø        Self-learn-judge-more

    Ø        Data Stream Memory and Printing-more

    Ø        Personnel Operation Setting-more

    Ø        Over-Scope Alarm Display-more

    Two different Charateristics:

    Ø        Value-Added

    Ø         Intellengence


    Ø        Myriad memory space of hardware can enable customers record world-wide vehicles data without changing memory card, and can ensure unlimited program updates.

    Ø        Color Display and Friendly Interface. Each interface has real-time operational advice, which is easy to operate.

    Ø        The formats of data streams can be set by users themselves to help them compare all types of vehicles parameters.

    Ø        Referential DataStream normal ranges are provided to aid trouble shooting.

    Ø       VGA Visual Output is able to connect bigger screen projection

    Ø        Software and hardware designing has been considered with protection, which can enhance the stability of product.

    Ø        Demonstration programs have been installed to help users learn.

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